What is a Responsive website?

responsive websitesRecently a client spoke with me about putting together a strategy for the redevelopment of their website. They needed direction with the planning and wanted to make sure they asked the web developer the right questions.

We ran through the first few basic questions and it was going well until I said you will need to check they build “Responsive websites”.

A quizzical look appeared on my clients face and I asked if they understood what a responsive website was?

“One that comes up quickly on your computer when you go to it – you know it responds fast when you want it”, was the reply.

Ok, so then came the explanation;

A responsive website is a website that works across multiple devices, from your desktop computer to a tablet to a smartphone. They are designed and built in such a way that they adapt and change automatically to the website visitors chosen device.

The client then said they thought they needed to have 2 websites built for them, one for “normal computers” and one for “mobile phones”.

They were very happy to hear they only needed to pay for 1 website to be built and not 2!
Are there any terms in the online world that have tripped you or someone else up?