So how are your digital ducks?

Social media, content marketing and your website - get them working togetherYou know the ones, the digital ducks that we need to get lined up.

There’s content duck, marketing duck, SEO duck, website & ecommerce ducks, and social media duck.

Not only do you need to line them up, you have to get them to hold hands.

Now there’s the trick isn’t it?

But if one of these ducks goes swimming off alone without its buddies, watch out!

Imagine if content duck took off for a while. Without content duck, no social media posts, no updates to the website, marketing could be turned upside down and as for SEO…

Yes, those items go hand in hand and help you work towards a successful overall digital strategy and business.

Keeping them in order can be hard, sometimes you run out of time. That’s why it’s important to plan and create road-maps. Use scheduling tools to schedule blog posts, social media and other content in advance.

Spend time each day on what needs to be done. A blog post a day for the following week, scheduling social media posts, reviewing marketing options, freshening up your on-page SEO or working on another style of content.

In today’s world, being present in the online community and being there regularly and not just “a random presence” is important to building and growing your business.

So if you are finding those ducks are a bit out of control, ask for help. Perhaps you need some direction or need to outsource an area of your digital presence. Do it. It’s easy to become complacent in one area and then wonder why everything appears to be slipping. Remember all those digital ducks need to be working together, not independently of one another.