develop the best website for your businessSo you need a bright and shiny new website or maybe you need a bit of a revamp of your current website, so what do you do?

Do you just go see a web designer and say build me a website. Sure a lot of designers will just go ahead and build one for you, but will it service your needs, will it be the right fit for you and your business.

Do you want to be able to change the content on the website yourself?

Have you any ideas on a design and style that would suit your business or are you completely in the dark as to where to start and what questions to ask when speaking with a web designer/developer.

How Digital Sphere can help.

  • Conduct an audit of your current website to better understand if you need to rebuild or just revamp.
  • Digital Sphere can help you understand what you need in a website and give you ideas and direction towards understanding the web design process and the types of questions to ask a web designer/developer.
  • Digital Sphere will work with you to develop a “needs and wants list”, that you can take to a web designer, as well as a general site map plan for your website
  • A style guide that reflects your other business branding.
  • We can also help you understand “geek speak”.
  • Website Design & Development – we can design and build your new website or update your current website. We build websites that work for you.

Having previously worked in the web design/development industry and also having independent business & ecommerce websites, Digital Sphere offers first-hand experience and can help get you on the right track.

Website Design and Development

Whether you have a website that needs a bit of a spruce up or need to start from scratch, we can design and develop a website that suits the needs of you and your business. We take time to understand your current and future business needs and develop a website that works for you. We are also SEO specialists, so when we build a website, we develop one with SEO in mind.

Training in Websites

Digital Sphere can train you or your staff in how to manage your website and also how to keep the site relevant to your customers needs as your business evolves. How to monitor your websites “productivity”, keeping the website fresh for the search engines and your visitors as well as how to identify new trends in the web world and when it makes sense to change or upgrade your website design or entire website.

Got a question or need some more info? Contact us.