Social Media

OK, well here it is the minefield called “social media”.
social media
Honestly though it’s not that bad, once you work out which social media sites you feel are beneficial, you set up your profiles, remembering to “SEO” them a little, add the appropriate sized profile images and decide what to post on the different channels.

Can’t I just post the same thing on every social media channel? I hear you ask, well yes you can, but each channel tends to have a different voice and people like using the various social media channels differently. The other concern that many businesses have is “time”, how many hours in the day will it take me to “do” my social media? We work with you to help you manage your time, yet have a consistent presence on your social media platforms.

Social Media is just that, “social” it’s not a platform to be constantly touting your business, services or products, so you need to understand how to develop and implement a plan that shows that you and your business are social and human.

How Digital Sphere can help

  • We help develop a roadmap to guide you through the social media minefield.
  • Digital Sphere helps you to develop a social media management plan and a style guide for social media channels.
  • Time management strategy for managing your social media
  • Social Media posting guidelines for your business. A guide for employee’s posts is important as posting on Facebook the photo of the Christmas party after 1am may not truly reflect the image that your business wishes to portray.
  • Digital Sphere assists you in using social media tools that save time and has handy little tips on dealing with negative posts, complimentary posts and more!
  • Creation of an individual plan to suit your business needs as we know every business has different needs.
  • Help you decide if you wish to manage your social media marketing inhouse or outsource to an agency.

Social Media Training
Digital Sphere works with you and your staff to find the right voice for each social media platform. We help you implement the social media roadmap and the ongoing plan. We train you/your staff in how to deal with issues that may arise and how to reflect the best image for your business.

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