Ecommerce websites - develop an online storeSo you are after a new ecommerce store or wish to update your current one. With all the new technology and increase in shopping from mobile devices you need to ensure that your online store is equipped to deal with this. But there is more than the website, you need to be able to accept several different payment options and some of these require an Internet Merchant account that you need to apply for with your bank as a web designer can’t liaise with your bank for you. You also need to have some systems and processes in place to deal with orders, postage/couriers and customer enquiries and returns just to name a few.

How Digital Sphere can help.

  • Provide advice on “the behind the scenes – offline” stuff
  • Provide advice on “online” stuff
  • Advise on what features to have in your online store based upon your business needs
  • Development of a strategy to help you gain more sales
  • Design and development of your ecommerce website. Digital Sphere works with you to design and develop your new ecommerce store.

Training in Ecommerce
Digital Sphere can train you or your staff in how to manage your ecommerce website (if your designer/developer does not offer this service).  We work with you to help in getting your behind the scenes processes organised as well as advise on how to manage your online store and keep your customers coming back for more.

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