7 tips to kick-start the “New Year” online.

digital marketing tips for the new yearThe new year is here. And before we know it January will be over. So it’s time to action your online activities for 2017.

If your brain is still stuck in holiday mode and you are not sure what you need to do? Here are 7 tips to help you get kick-started.

  1. What are those little things that you thought about doing in December but were too busy? List them and start working through that list.

  2. Social Media – consider updating your cover images/profile pics and bio’s. It gives your social platforms a fresh look and people know that you are back from holiday and active on social media.

  3. Plan your content. Content includes blog articles, images, infographics, video and more! Make sure your plan has content being added on a regular basis to your blog/website and social platforms.

  4. Create the content. And then schedule the content. If you have trouble creating content, consider outsourcing this area of your business.

  5. Review your branding. How’s your branding looking? Is it cohesive across your online and offline publications, stationery, social platforms and website?

  6. Review your website. How long ago was it built? Does it need a revamp or a complete overhaul? Or do you need to update or re-write a few pages? Is your website mobile friendly?

  7. SEO check-up. How are your rankings? Are you ranking for your favoured keywords? If not, it may be time to review your SEO strategy.

While it can be easy to stay in holiday mode, keep yourself on track and write up a checklist and work through it. Plan to tick at least one item off the list each day, so by the end of January you should be on your way to a better and updated online presence.