When Writers Block Strikes

10 ideas to help you get over writers blockYou know those times, when you are sitting in front of your computer, ready to write that next whizz bang piece and “nothing”. Fingers won’t connect to the brain or the keyboard. Your brain seems completely blank. A coffee is still sitting in front of you, so out goes the excuse “I’ll just grab a coffee” and I’ll be right.

Nothing – nada – zip

So where do you start when a lack of writing inspiration strikes?

Here are 10 ways you can kick-start that inspiration and get writing again.

1. Browse your list of past articles. Is there a category in this list that is “forgotten” or has only 1 or 2 posts dedicated to it? Do a search on the category topic, read what else has written about it. Does a paragraph in one of these articles grab your attention? If so, begin writing around that part of the topic.

2. Look at images related to your industry, sometimes a picture can spark a thought.

3. Read industry news, what’s happening? Write an opinion post on a news topic or re-write a piece of news and share with your audience.

4. Do a product review on a product your company sells. If you are a service based industry, create a case study, reviewing how one of your services helped a client.

5. Customer questions, are there a few that keep being asked? Pick one and write a solution focused piece.

6. Freshen up an old post. Times change, new solutions appear, technology updates, revamp the article and give it a new life.

7. Are there other “content items”, a video, screencast, podcast etc. that could be turned into a written piece?

8. Grab an adult colouring book and get colouring, this relaxes your brain, transports you away from the now but can spark creativity and inspiration when you least expect. It sneaks up on you!

9. Get away from your computer, grab a notepad and pen, make a list of words relating to your industry, play with those words. Write the word “tips” or “how to” or “guide” or similar before or after them. You may be surprised at how many pieces can be created. Remember, it’s ok to doodle on your notepad, doodling always helps.

10. Ask someone else. “If you had to write about our company or its products/services what would say?” Oh and be ready, you might get a heap of ideas.

So how do you get inspired when the “the lights are on but no one’s home”?

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