Someone said “what”? Monitoring your online presence.

Monitoring your online presence with media monitoring tools

Ever had an email or a text from a friend saying they had just seen your company mentioned in a blog or social media post?

We have – but it was a good and happy mention on a TV show, which lead to a social media post. The only thing, we didn’t realise we were about to be “talked” about. We were unprepared for the amount of additional website traffic and sales that occurred as a result of the mention. But we handled it all and everything turned out well, and it was a good happy mention. But what if it was bad; someone slanders or complains about your business?

Posts like this need to be checked and addressed as necessary. But if you didn’t have an eagle eyed friend looking out for you, how would you know?

Good news. Posts anywhere online, good or bad can be discovered by various online monitoring tools and even better news is some of them are free or not too expensive.

Here are a few we’ve found and tested;

Hootsuite – Great for scheduling posts onto your various social media platforms, but did you know you can also use it to “listen”. Hootsuite can be setup to monitor social media streams and different “mentions” for different keywords about your business and brand. And the good news “social listening” is included in the free account.

Mention – Media monitoring for the web. Allows you to set up alerts and be alerted when your business or brand is mentioned online. It monitors social networks, blogs, websites and news services. There is a free forever edition that allows you to set up one alert for a few words you wish to monitor. On the free plan you can receive up to 250 “mentions” per month. It does work in real time, so you are able to react quickly and take any necessary action.

Sum All – Allows you to listen to your social media accounts. You are also able to use Sum All as a scheduling tool. You can elect to receive weekly or daily email digests on all your social media networks, so that you can see at a glance your followers, likes, tweets etc. There is a free edition.

TalkWalker – Social media, news services, blogs and forums can all be monitored in time. Talkwalker has some great reporting and analysis tools, so that you can really dig in to the data. Talkwalker has a free account option.

These tools whether you choose one or a combination, are a brilliant way to help stay on top of any comments made either on social media or other places online. They give you the chance to catch any compliments or criticisms early and give you the opportunity to respond as needed.


Are there any other media monitoring tools you use or are aware of?