Website Audit – Ecommerce Audit

So how long have you had your current website? Is it up to date or maybe out of date? Is your current website providing leads and sales?

Technology changes and in the online space we need to adapt and change on a regular basis to keep up with things.

If you feel your website may not be up to scratch, a website audit can give you an indication of whether it is time to retire the current site or if it may need just few tweaks to get it sorted and functioning as it should.

Areas that we look at during a website audit are;

  • Branding and Design
  • Technical areas – code, mobile responsiveness, errors & more
  • Usability
  • General SEO
  • Content
  • Social media linking and activity
  • If your website is an ecommerce store we will audit aspects related to ecommerce operations

What we do

  • Once we receive your payment for the audit, we will contact you with some general questions to help us further understand your business and website.
    (This is usually via email)
  • We will complete your audit within 5 working days of receiving your answered questions.
  • Provide you with a report and recommendations
  • A phone or Skype consultation of up to an hour
  • If you need assistance in implementing the recommendations we can assist you with finding the right person to help you.
Website Audit – $499.00

Ecommerce Website Audit – $699

Got a question or need some more info? Contact us.