Line up those Digital Ducks!

Digital Strategys for todays businessFeeling overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to do in today’s’ online world?

Have you done your social media bits and pieces, created content, marketed your business, search engine optimised your website, have you even got a website?

And yes, each of those items can be their own individual nightmare.

How do we know?

After running an ecommerce business for many years, we understand its easy to get lost in the everyday stuff; Processing and packing orders, buying stock, finding new stock, doing the books etc. The day would run out with no time or energy for anything else. So, at times, creating content, social media, SEO and marketing got left behind.

Before life as an ecommerce store owner, founder of Digital Sphere, Heather Winchcomb was a web designer with a focus on SEO, content and marketing.

And yes, even with that background it was easy to be distracted with the other business stuff and lose focus on the online bits.

Enter Digital Sphere.

Understanding how overwhelming it can be, we work with business owners to help them evaluate and execute a digital strategy for their business.

We help them understand what they need for their particular business as a good creative digital strategy is not a “one size fits all” thing.

Time factors are taken into consideration. We help work out if the business owner wants to go it alone, delegate to others in their business or outsource all or part of their digital strategy to someone else.

If you choose to outsource to someone else we help you understand the questions you need to ask. We prepare initial documentation to help the consultancy understand your business and achieve the best possible results.

But if you are happy to go it alone or have others in your business do the work, we help sort out planning, creating, scheduling, monitoring and evaluating your digital strategies. We help develop a roadmap so you can manage the various parts of your digital strategies in the most productive and efficient way.

So how are your Digital Ducks? In a line or a bit all over the place?

Contact us today and find how we can help you get your ducks in order.