Is your website productive?

make your website customer focusedIs your website a productive member of your team or is it just hanging out in cyberspace looking pretty?

When we talk about the “productive-ness” of your website we are talking about whether it produces leads or sales, engages customers or assists with customer service, answering common questions about your products or services.

Leads – How many enquiries do you receive about your products or services? How many of these are generated via your website?

Sales – Well, does it produce sales?

Customer engagement – Can customers new and existing get appropriate information about your products or services from your website. Are customers able to contact you easily and can your website be seen on mobile devices?

Questions – Are customers able to find answers to common FAQ’s on your website or is your team constantly answering emails and phone calls with the similar questions from customers?

How to make it more productive

  • Is your design cluttered or looking a bit old and tired? Do you have current articles on the website or are they old and possibly out-dated? All these little things can add up into a major turnoff to prospective customers. If it looks like you don’t care about your website and keep it current, then they may start to build a poor image of your business.
  • Sometimes you are going to have to rebuild your website from scratch as it may be impractical to try to make it work if the structure is not there to support it. Before rebuilding or making changes consider your future growth, will the website last you for 6 months or 2 years. For your website to be productive you need to factor in your growth and how to add features that will add value for your customers and also take some of the work off your customer service team.
  • If you think your website may not be up to scratch, have it audited. An audit will give you a guide as to whether you should start again or simply improve the website in certain areas.
  • Consider offering “how to guides” by video, podcasts or fact sheets.
  • Improve your FAQ section and make it easy for visitors to locate your FAQ section. Ask your team; what are questions that they are constantly asked by customers? Is it the same questions or are customers looking for a bit more info on a particular question? Maybe you need to review the questions and answers in your FAQ section and make sure you are hitting all the common questions, but also with enough depth to satisfy your customers. By doing this you free up your team a little and allow them to be more productive in other areas.
  • Don’t be mysterious – one of the things we hear is “I don’t want my competitors to see everything”. That’s fine, but what about your customers? It is so easy for a competitor to pose as a customer and take up your customer service or sales team’s time with questions that should be readily available on your website. So don’t hide stuff, just put it out there and you will also find that you may generate more leads or sales as you will have the information available to prospective customers.
  • Make sure that when a customer comes from a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign or other form of marketing, they land on the page that gives them the information they were looking for. Don’t advertise “awesome widgets” and then direct your customer to a page about tractor wheels. They won’t find what they are looking for and leave your website quickly. This leads to a higher bounce rate and in the eyes of Google, a lower quality score. This in turn can affect your overall search rankings.
  • Create clear calls to action, but don’t overdo it. Don’t be pushy or “go the hard sell”. One call to action per page can be enough. Just make it clear and stand out and no, that doesn’t mean in big red letters. Just have it with a little white space around it.

By setting up your website to be customer focused you will not only help your customers and create opportunities, you can make your team more productive and have them assisting more qualified leads. If your website is an ecommerce store, by having as much information as possible available, this in turn can lead to more sales.

So take a look at your website and see if there are areas that you can improve to make it more useful and productive.