How long have you had the same social media cover pics?

Have you changed your social media cover picsNow there’s a question, isn’t it?

We get so involved in the day-to-day stuff of managing our various social media platforms, we forget the little things on them; the cover pics, bio’s and “about us” information.

Or we might consider changing them, but get so busy, we put it off until “tomorrow”, but you how the saying goes, “tomorrow never comes”.
So how important is it that we make these changes?

Very. Why? It appears the page is maintained and keeps gives regular visitor’s something new to view and comment upon.

Your profile pic – most of the time your “profile” picture will stay the same, usually as a business presence you tend to use your logo. But be mindful if your logo changes, it’s time to update this.

The cover pic is the big image that sits behind your profile pic. Use this area to portray the many things your business does and give your business a personality.

Here are just a few ideas;
• Showcase a few products
• Pop up a happy snap of your staff wearing Santa hats at Christmas time
• An inspirational quote that you change weekly
• Create a nice simple graphic and then on a weekly basis alter it slightly, such as change the background colour or the colour of the graphic
• Ask someone to draw a sketch style illustration of what your company does or a few of your staff
• Snap a great photo of your store or office building
• Create a graphic of things used in your business – don’t make it too busy though
• Show how your products in use. Set up a lifestyle scene of your products i.e. “you make awesome cushions”, place them on a chair in a lounge room. Think how lifestyle magazines portray items in photos.
• A call to action done as a very simple graphic
• Your USP as a graphic (text on a contrasting background)
• Make a graphic of your latest promotion, competition or upcoming event
• A mood-board or look-book style of image
The list can be endless. If you are not feeling inspired, ask someone else in your company. What would they create for the latest cover pic for your social media profiles? Maybe let them create a cover pic.
Lastly, we come to company information and your bio etc.
Company information: Keep it up-to-date. If you move, change phone numbers etc. change the info on your profile. It’s surprising the number of people who search for companies in Twitter, Google+ or Facebook to find out contact details.

If you mention staff in the about section and they move on, update the information. If you change your services or product offering, make the necessary changes. And remember to use keywords/keyphrases in this section too.
Your bio or company overview can do with a re-fresh from time to time. For instance, if you have just won an award, pop in a “winners of x award” for a short time. Use this section to give your company personality and show your company voice/tone. Are there keywords that could naturally fit in?

So how long is it since you’ve reviewed your social media profile information and pictures or have you never changed any of it since day dot?

If you do regularly change your cover pics, how often do you change them?