101 Ideas to Get You Writing

101 Ideas to Get You Writing

(Banish Writers Block Today!)

by Heather Winchcomb

Tips for writers, writing tips, overcoming writers blockEver had one of those days when you have an article or post to write, but words just seem to be avoiding you.

You sit and look at the computer screen and nothing happens, brain not talking to fingers and as such, the screen remains blank. You know you have to get this written today, but you still have no words and feel totally uninspired. Yes, you may have writer’s block.

If this has ever happened to you, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If it hasn’t, then you are the luckiest writer in the world.

So I have come up with 101 ideas to help get you writing today.

It’s a simple style of e-book, not long arduous hours of reading. Instead, just 101 ideas to help you put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyword) and help inspire you to write.

Flick through the e-book of writing tips and find the idea that best suits you today, you may need to try more than 1 idea if you are feeling utterly uninspired. But keep the book on hand on your desktop and flick through it whenever you are having a tough time trying to write.



e-book (PDF – you will need Adobe Acrobat reader once you  have downloaded your purchase)