Don’t just throw a message out there

Message in a bottle - content marketing should be co-ordinatedIt can be tempting to quickly write a blog post, article or even a social media post and as quickly as you wrote the post, publish.

Don’t worry, I feel everyone has done this from time to time. However, you may as well as popped the message into a bottle and thrown the bottle into the ocean.

You can’t do that and expect lots of people to read the post. It’s no different to any content that you create and publish, whether it’s on your blog, website or a social media platform. Think about the best way to promote the post to maximise the number of people who see the message.

The best solution is to develop a content publishing schedule that takes into account the style of post and its relevance to different audiences.

Remember “everyone” is not your target audience. And different audiences use different platforms to obtain various types of information. Before you begin to put together your content publishing schedule, it’s important to understand which platforms are best for your target market.

Begin by developing one or two “personas” of your target audience. What is their age group? Hip and groovy or moderate and conservative? Single or likely to be in a relationship? Plus a few other demographics you may consider to help in creating the personas are their interests, shopping habits, job and location.

You need to know where these people hang out. Are they mainly on Twitter, Google+ and Instagram or are you more likely to find them on Pinterest and Facebook?

So now’s the time to grab out your content publishing schedule and develop or revamp the schedule so it covers your target audience. If your target audience are mums in business, hit Twitter a few times during the day with the post. Post to Facebook and Pinterest once during the day.

Take your time to understand what time of day to publish your post.

What are your target audience doing?

School pick up and drop off times may not be ideal, but during the middle of the day, later at night or very early morning, may be better. But if its school holidays, later at night and early mornings, may be more optimal. It’s about knowing who your audience are and where and when to publish your message.

So don’t just throw it out into the online ocean, begin with the end in mind, a little planning makes the effort of writing a post worthwhile.

Not sure where to begin with creating persona’s or content scheduling? Need a bit of guidance? Help is just a click away.

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