6 Time Management Tips when you DIAY

Time Management for small businessDid you make a New Year’s resolution to be more organised and productive?
If you did here are 6 time management tips when you DIAY (Do It All Your Self).

Schedule your social media in advance.

If you are not using a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite, Buffer or Co-schedule etc, then you need to take a look at these.

By sitting down for an hour or so and scheduling your social media for the next week or two, you can have a better indication of when and what you are posting and actually post to social media. It also means you can stick more to your social media marketing plan. Also as you are not posting “live” to these accounts you are less likely to be distracted by reading other posts/tweets etc for too long.

Plan your content

Put together an editorial calendar and a list of topics you would like to cover over the next month or so. This makes it easier to write and keep track of getting your content online.

Make list of tasks to be done

While writing them on a piece of paper is fine, using an app such as Trello or Keep etc means you can access them across all your devices, this can help you stay on track for the day, week or month.

Do similar tasks together

If you need to write several articles or posts, try doing them one after the other. Or if you need to create an info-graphic and do some work on other images for your business, try doing them in the same time period. You will find that once you are in that particular zone, you will get more completed rather than switching between various tasks.


I know we hear that time and time again, but we do need to remind ourselves that the really easy tasks may not be our number 1 priority first thing in the morning. Make your list and then prioritise the tasks.

You can say “no”

I know, it’s sometimes easier and less stressful to say yes, but sometimes you do have to say no. It may not be a “no” forever, but maybe just a “no, not right now – I will schedule to do it later”.

DIAY can be challenging at times, but it can also be very rewarding and having some time management systems in place can help relieve some of the stress. So even if “getting organised” wasn’t a New Year’s resolution, using some time management strategies can help you be a little less overwhelmed throughout the year.